Anti-Virus Programs - Your computer better have one if you are on the internet, PERIOD!  This does not guarantee you will not get a Virus but it will give you a fighting chance.  ALSO, your computer can only handle ONE Anti-Virus program so don't put three of them on your computer thinking it will protect you, protect you, protect you, "get it?" 

Internet Accelerators - Except for the one provided by your ISP don't use 'em.  Most often they are worthless or worst they install ad-ware on your computer.  In order for an Accelerator to work your ISP has to have a matching program installed on their server and even then the results can be mixed.  In order for an accelerator to  work you have to have a fast computer that can work overtime on decompressing the incoming data.  In other words, a slow computer with dial-up using an accelerator will become slower than before with no benefit.  Also, not all websites are compatible with accelerators and you may get web pages that will not display until you disable your accelerator. 

FREE Downloads - There is no such thing as free!  Most likely you'll see who is paying for the program after you start seeing all of those pop-ups on your computer after installing the "free" program.  NOT ALL Free programs are bad but most are.  Programs to be careful of:  anything you get from a pop-up!, accelerators, registry cleaners, screen savers, search bars (except google), clock and weather programs, anything not available in a box with a CD. 

Surge Protectors - Most cheap surge protectors are one-shot protectors and you will not even know when it used its "one-shot" because they are made to keep working even after the protection device has blow-out.  When buying a surge protector there are two things that I look for; one is does it have an equipment guarantee of at least $15,000? And second does it has RFI protection?  Also consider getting a brand name like Tripplite or even Belkin although this is not that important unless you're trying to collect on the warranty.

OTHER Topics - If you think of a topic that others would benefit from that I could add to this section please let us know.